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How to choose a laptop in 2017

choise of laptopWhich company produces the most reliable laptops? How to choose an appropriate model? To whom to give preference – a budget laptop, a universal work laptop or a powerful gaming computer? Does it make sense to spend money on new items or is it better to take a closer look at the “second echelon” of computers? Is there any point in buying touch-screen laptops-transformers?

These and many questions often arise while buying a laptop. We suggest you to learn the basic principles that will help in choosing the right computer. Also from the article you will find out which models can compete for the title of the best laptop of 2017 in different price categories.

Table of Contents

  1. Manufacturer of laptop
  2. Type of laptop
  3. Design of monitor
  4. Appearance and characteristics
  5. Reliability of laptops
  6. Best laptops 2017

Manufacturer of laptop

The laptop market is represented by a huge number of brands. Despite the variety of trade names, experts recommend to give preference to brands of laptops that have proven themselves from the best side. It is better to focus on manufacturers who:

  • Have a good reputation;
  • Occupy leading positions in sales in the world;
  • Specialize in the production of computer equipment.

A large “Chinese trio” is represented by the brands Lenovo, Acer and Asus. The products of these brands are considered the “golden mean” for price, reliability and performance. The next is Korean Samsung, which delivers qualitative authentic computers to the market, but sometimes there are unsuccessful models. In turn, the Japanese brand Toshiba will please you with the endurance and qualitative assembly, and the American giants Dell and HP will offer universal computers that are optimal in price and quality.

Many laptops can be an excellent alternative to the products of Chinese brand-flagships. As for Apple’s Macbook line, these laptops occupy a special niche of high-end image ultra-books, so we will not mention these computers in the analysis.

According to the expert observations and statistical analysis, during the first 3 years of operation only 3% of laptops fail. This suggests that when you choose a popular model of a famous brand, you can be sure that the laptop will serve for a long time. But it is worth remembering that a proven brand will not protect you from an unsuccessful model or a whole line of models that are found even in the ranks of the flagships. Please focus on expert reviews and at least on customer feedbacks.

The irony is that in practice, expensive gaming computers break down more often than others. At the same time, the market presents hundreds of budget good models with an integrated video card. These “workhorses” are able to fully satisfy the demands of the average user, not overheating and hanging in critical moments. So firstly you should pay attention exactly to this technique. It will be enough for users who do not expose strict specific requirements to the “hardware”.

Type of laptop

So, you decided to buy a laptop. Before you start to review specific models, you need to decide for what purposes you are acquiring a computer. For example, to work with office programs it will be enough to have budget “workhorse”. And a resource gaming laptop of previous generation may not be enough for the launch of “heavy” games. As you can see, the choice of a laptop largely depends on goals you set for the computer.

Do not forget that the more expensive does not mean the better laptop. A simple and undemanding laptop with proper operation can work for many years, while an expensive trendy model can be unsuccessful and problematic in maintenance. First of all, this concerns image-based ultra-books and gaming laptops.

If you have not decided yet which exactly a laptop you need – it will not be superfluous to get acquainted with categories that exist in general. Despite the fact that computers are divided very conditionally, this approach will help you understand why you are buying a laptop and which option is optimal for your purposes.


netbookInexpensive computers with small dimensions. As a rule, they are equipped with basic budget “hardware” and are very affordable. In the market, netbooks are not in high demand, because for a little more money a user can buy a full-fledged budget laptop with a standard screen, while netbooks are equipped with a display with a diagonal within 9-12.5 inches.

Low performance is the main disadvantage of netbooks. But it will be enough to have a weak processor with an integrated video card for realization of many multimedia functions of the computer. Powerful processors are installed in netbooks extremely rarely, because of small size the computer can’t provide sufficient cooling.

In this case, netbooks consume a minimum of energy, which extends the battery life. A small size and light weight make them very convenient in daily operation. If they are falling such “kids” are broken more rarely.

The main target audience of netbook buyers is girls and women who carry a computer in a purse. Also, netbooks are purchased by students and business people who do not have enough tablet functionality, and it is inconvenient to carry a full-fledged laptop.

An entry-level laptop

laptop lowThis technique is not distinguished by high quality of components, since manufacturers of such computers including less popular brands save on every detail. A flimsy plastic case, a poor-quality display and unreliable loops are characteristic features of cheap laptops.

As a rule, such a computer is problematic in the work. Doubtful saving of 20% while buying such equipment instead of a laptop of a popular brand will turn into constant problems that will arise in the process of operation.

An entry-level laptop by definition can’t be powerful. The processor is what the manufacturer saves in the first place. Buying such a computer, you should expect from it neither a long service life, nor high performance.

Target audience of buyers is people with a tight budget. In all other cases, there are no rational arguments for practicing such questionable saving. This is exactly the case when “the miser will pay twice.”

Office laptop

laptop_officeBudget basic laptops are the most numerous segment of the market. These computers are targeted at the mass buyer. They meet all the requirements for performance and convenience. Their components are selected in such a way to get maximum functionality with a limited budget. Many laptops from this category are able to cope not only with the usual office software, but also with relatively new games and specialized programs.

Budget office laptop has one feature – it provides a basic built-in graphics card. Due to this, the computer’s media capabilities are limited in some way. But this is the advantage of office laptops – they break down extremely rarely. And it is not enough to have the resource of the integrated card for some not the newest games.

Target audience – is office employees, students, pupils and other users who prefer affordable price and reliability.

Universal laptops

laptop_univThis category includes computers that work better than office models. Thanks to a discrete video card, these “machines” can play relatively new games on average graphic settings. The working characteristics of these laptop models are usually optimized for a variety of purposes. The disadvantage of universal laptops is that many of them have an imperfect cooling system. A high temperature usually leads to premature wear of iron. Therefore, you should choose laptops of medium power in an aluminum casing for better cooling.

Target audience – is businessmen, travelers, designers and all who need high performance without the super-power of gaming computers.


Gaming laptops

laptop-gameThis category includes the most powerful laptops, equipped with the latest models of processors and video cards. Although they can easily cope with any task, their main purpose is to maintain the game process at the maximum quality settings. Of course, not every gamer laptop can take such a peak, no matter how manufacturers seek to do this.

The disadvantage of expensive gaming laptops is that during operation they often make noise and overheat. That’s why such an assembly is recommended to be bought with a stand-cooler.

Among gamers there is a debate about whether it makes sense to purchase a gaming laptop, when for the same money you can buy a full-fledged gaming station with a large monitor and a powerful video card that will not overheat. Many arguments speak in favor of a stationary PC. Nevertheless, the gaming laptop is a portable powerful device that will definitely interest professionals and people who are not interested in price. But users who decide to acquire an expensive toy should consider that the cooling system of such laptops must be serviced systematically, otherwise due to frequent overheating the computer will quickly fail.

Target audience – is gamers who want to play “heavy” games on a portable device. Also, gaming laptops may interest people for whom the price is not important.

Sensory laptops-transformers

laptop_sensorIn the marketing plan, this category of computers is moving quite actively, but the audience reacts unwillingly to the fanciful novelty. Today, the touch screen on the laptop is not perceived as the pinnacle of functionality and ergonomics. Rather, it’s just a fashionable “trick”, which looks original from the outside, but from the practical point of view it remains unclaimed.

The minus of transformers is that they weigh a lot. At the same time the performance is much inferior to classic laptops. In terms of reliability, they are also not the best – at the moment there is no ideal design of the transformer. Therefore, choosing a touchscreen laptop is a tribute to fashion, but not the best solution in terms of functionality, convenience and performance. However, with a conditionally unlimited budget, you can find quite powerful models of transformers that will satisfy the requirements of a demanding audience that does not count money.

Target audience – is wealthy teenagers and adults who want to emphasize the love of extravagant expensive accessories.


choise-ultrabookThis category includes thin noiseless computers with low weight, promising performance characteristics and a display of high quality. Despite the external appeal and slim-design, small sizes contribute to frequent overheating, which is the main argument of ultra-book critics. In addition, it’s not a secret that fashionable thin laptops require delicate handling because of their increased fragility. In terms of reliability, this is an obvious minus.

To avoid typical for ultra-books problems, it is not necessary to take powerful gaming laptops, completed with a discrete video card. Also, it is not recommended to purchase models equipped with a TDP processor above 17W. The optimal processor for ultra-books at the moment is Core M from Intel, which does not overheat and gives good gaming performance at low and medium graphics settings.

The target audience of ultra-book buyers is young people with medium and high income who need a handy thin laptop for work and who are willing to overpay for the original design and eminent brand. Often ultra-books are bought by girls and women from aesthetic considerations.

Appearance and characteristics

design-laptopsWhy should we buy something that we don’t like? You have to love your laptop and you should like it aesthetically. Most manufacturers in the design of portable computers are guided by the principles of minimalism and functionalism. Laconic universal laptops never go out of fashion, and today there are many of such models. For the exclusive design you will have to overpay, unless we talk about little-known Chinese brand.


Casing of laptop

Aluminum casing is an important advantage in the design of the laptop. In contrast to the traditional time-tested “plastic box”, the aluminum case will be resilient to mechanical damage, low marking and more intensive cooling.

Be careful – some manufacturers stylize plastic for aluminum, which can satisfy an esthete, but not a pragmatist. The metal casing can always be determined by the lower temperature of the turned-off computer.

If you have limited budget and decide to buy a model with a plastic casing – avoid glossy surfaces. The casing of textured light plastic will be a more practical solution than a similar black one.

Display of laptop

In the laptop category, displays are usually represented by two options – IPS and TN. IPS for color reproduction and viewing angle exceeds TN, but these laptops are more expensive. It should be considered that laptop manufacturers rarely indicate the correct screen characteristics. However, we can give unequivocal advice not to buy laptops with displays with maximum brightness of not more than 200 cd / sq. m. and low viewing angles. It will be uncomfortable to work for such a display.

As for the size of the display, the optimal universal format remains 15.6-inch monitors with a resolution of 1366×768. If you think that purchase of a laptop with an HD-display will significantly improve the quality of the image – do not hurry up with conclusions. In practice, everything is much more prosaic. The photos will look more clearly. But in a number of old programs running on the computer, the text will be displayed too finely, which will make the work inconvenient.

Between the glossy and matte display, the first is more practical. While working in well-lit rooms, the glossy monitor as a mirror will reflect everything around, which will make the work behind the computer uncomfortable.

Processor of laptop

laptop-intel-core-mThe choice of the processor is the most crucial moment while buying a laptop. Exactly this element of “hardware” affects the speed of the computer. You need to select the processor “with a margin”, since to replace this element in the laptop with a new one is an ungrateful and time-consuming task that “will cost a pretty penny”.

In the laptop market, as in the stationary PC market, the niche of microprocessors is divided between AMD and Intel. AMD in the low price segment offers processors of the E1 series, but their computing power is not high. The next in power are the E2 line processors. It is enough to have their resource (with a good integrated video card) to run some games on the minimum graphics settings. But you should not consider these processors as a serious working kernel.

The company Intel in this plan more developed, offering the market energy-efficient processors. They do not overheat and are reliable. Computers on Intel processors work quieter, longer and faster.

The budget price segment Intel is represented by models Celeron N2810-N2840, which are comparable in performance to AMD E1. More powerful Celeron N2920-N2940 models show more performance, but not in games. A weak integrated video card makes it impossible to launch the new games. A new round of evolution of this series is processors Celeron N3050, N3060 and N3150. The following processors Pentium N3700 and N3710 can boast relatively with good performance, sufficient for a universal office laptop or home multimedia laptop.

Processors Celeron and Pentium, not included in the line of Nxxxx are an updated generation of Intel processors. In principle, the performance of 2-core i3 and i5 are at the new level, successfully combining gaming and multimedia capabilities. Processors i3 and i5 have rather powerful built-in video cards. Modifications from the series 4xxxU and 5xxxU are equipped with integrated cards, comparable in performance with the GeForce 820M. And the 6xxxU and 7xxxU models are comparable to the GeForce 920M. The conclusion is one – laptops based on 2-core i3 and i5 have good gaming capabilities and good computing power.

Four-core processors i5 and i7 are characterized by good speed. In practice, purchase of laptop with such computational capabilities is inexpedient, since the difference between the dual-core and four-core i5 will be invisible to most users. In this case, the computer will be surely overheated, and its high price will not meet the real functional potential of a powerful processor. In terms of reliability, such a computer will also be non-ideal.

What kind of processor is right for a laptop? If you are looking for an inexpensive universal model, then you can take a computer based on Celeron or Pentium, but not from the “weak” Nxxxx series. A good option will be AMD processors of series A4 and A6, which will please with the democratic price and the ability to run modern games at low settings.

  • If your budget is limited – look towards Intel series Nxxxx or AMD E1 / E2. It is recommended to take four-core models, as they will “pull” simple games, and have enough capabilities for working in office applications.
  • Universal and basic gaming laptops require a more serious “hardware”. Practice shows that the optimal for the price, quality and performance are 2-core i3, i5 and i7 processors from Intel. A little less successful choice in terms of performance and reliability will be processors of series A8 and A10 from AMD. A laptop based on a dual-core Intel processor will be equipped with a decent integrated video card, which is enough to play at low graphics settings. AMD’s performance is also good at a more affordable price, but the computer will be noisier in its work.
  • If you plan to use the laptop for gaming purposes you should acquire a more serious unit based on a 4-core processor from the Intel i5 and i7 line with a discrete video card. It should be considered that such computers are quickly overheating during the game, so it is strongly recommended to buy a cooler stand with them. Also, do not forget that it is necessary to bring powerful laptops to the service center in time to clean the cooling system. Otherwise, the computer will quickly fail, as iron is worn out quickly while working in high temperature mode.
  • If we talk about ultra-books, then for these compact computers, the processors of the IntelCore M series are adapted, which formed the basis for many silent powerful flagships. Purchase of ultra-book based on a more powerful processor in combination with a discrete video card can be a bad idea, since such laptops often overheat. While buying it is worth considering that the ultra-book is not an ideal choice for games. It is more suitable for people who appreciate ergonomics, convenience and beauty.

Today, the processor market is flooded with a wide variety of models, and it is not easy to understand this diversity. Therefore, experts divide processors into categories. The most popular factor of estimation is the conditional index of productivity.

Processors with an index below 1000 are considered to be very slow and actually morally obsolete, because they are not able to cope with complex tasks. In the category from 1000 to 2000 there are basic slow processors, but in the range from 2000 to 4000 there are quite efficient processors. The same models whose performance index is estimated at 6000 or more are considered the fastest to date. However, in practice, the average user has enough processor capabilities with an index in the range of 2000-6000. Do not forget that super-powerful processors are overheating very much. At the same time, only individual users can feel the difference between a 4-core and a 2-core processor.

If you want to buy a really powerful computer – it is worth choosing models with an SSD-disk. To date, the installation of SSD-disk is the most budget and effective way to speed up the laptop.

Video card of laptop

mobile-video-cardThe video card is responsible for the quality of graphics playback, and therefore people who plan to play on their laptop in new games are mostly interested in this detail. A powerful graphics card allows you to play on average graphics settings. But if you are not interested in games – your requests will be satisfied even by integrated video adapter in the processor. Most users purchase laptops with an integrated video card, since today both AMD and Intel offer processors with efficient built-in video cards that will cope with almost any non-game tasks and not the most demanding games.

Who is the market leader? Until recently, AMD processors were equipped with more powerful integrated graphics cards than Intel processors. Nevertheless, recently, video card manufacturers have become equal. In addition, experts note that Intel offers more competitive “processor + card” hybrids that work fast, are not overheated and can please you with high reliability. Currently AMD loses its position temporarily, although it wins in price.

As for discrete video cards, there are a number of proven solutions in this category. In search of the optimal price and performance of the graphics adapter, pay attention to the GeForce 940M / 940MX – inexpensive base adapters which proved to be very reliable. A higher class of video cards is represented by GeForce 950M / 960M / 1050 models. In the top segment GeForce 965M, 970M, 980M, 1060, 1070, 1080 are offered. However, purchase of laptop with an “elite” video card has certain risks, since such cards are very overheating during operation and can lead to premature failure.

One of the most successful developments of recent years is the GeForce 1050 video card. Low heat dissipation, relatively democratic price and high gaming performance make this card one of the most popular. For those who are ready to overpay for an even more powerful gaming laptop, nVidia offers GeForce 1060, 1070 and 1080 – high-end gaming cards. Their power consumption is minimal, and the gaming performance is higher in several times than the previous generation models.

Inexpensive gaming laptops are most often equipped with budget cards GeForce 710M, 820M, 920M and 920MX. Such computers are suitable for playing at medium and low settings. For the sake of justice, it’s worth mentioning that the performance of these cards is comparable with the indicators of integrated cards of modern processors. Therefore, it makes sense to invest in buying a laptop based on Intel i3, i5 or i7 of latest generations with an integrated video card, since it will be enough to have resource of such a computer for many modern games. At the same time you will get a computer with serious computing capabilities, which will be more reliable than models with discrete cards.

If you are interested in a laptop with a powerful video card – it is worth choosing a model with an effective cooling system, while looking for the stand-cooler. Otherwise, your computer will be overheating, which means that the «hardware» will fail before the expected time.

Do not forget that discrete graphics cards for laptops with similar performance are 1.5-2 times more expensive than models designed for PCs. If you set a goal to play games – it makes sense to think about the advisability of buying a gaming laptop, because for the same money you can build a stationary PC with higher performance.


Numerous tests show that for work in most modern programs, it is enough to have a computer with RAM in 4 GB. In some cases, when a computer is used as an office “typewriter”, it is enough to have 2 GB of RAM, although this may not be enough for normal operation. It makes sense to buy a laptop with 8 GB of RAM only when you plan to run heavy tasks and resource-intensive games on your computer, process video, create musical compositions, and so on. Laptops with a truly huge amount of RAM up to 24 GB in practice rarely win in speed, but can be useful while working with a number of specific professional programs.

If your laptop is equipped with a modern video card, then for games you will have enough RAM volume from 4 to 8 GB. If you buy a gaming laptop “with a margin”, – it makes sense to consider models with a memory of 16 GB.

Also see: How to choose RAM and How to buy WiFi router


The minimum volume of modern hard drives is 500 GB. For an average user who does not plan to store large data archives on the computer, then it will be enough to have this volume. But even if you need a disk for data storage – in this case it is better to purchase an external medium that has high reliability and durability. For a working laptop, it is enough to have a hard drive of 500 GB. Moreover, since such disks consist of only one plate, their construction is considered to be more reliable.

Statistics 2014 suggests that in recent years the number of cases of HDD-disks failure has decreased in several times. Therefore, you can safely purchase a disk of popular manufacturers, such as WD, Hitachi / HGST, Seagate / Samsung.

Hard Drive SSD

In order to speed up the operating system in several times, it makes sense to purchase a laptop with built-in SSD drive and create a hybrid SSD + HDD, installing the system on an SSD. In operation, the computer will be more responsive than in work on the HDD. But it is worth considering that at a similar price the volume of the SSD-disk will be less than the volume of the HDD-disk. Optimal for work tasks will be a volume of 120-240 GB. But even the purchase of most affordable SSD for 60 GB will give a serious increase in speed if you install an operating system on it.

If you do not suffer from a lack of free space on your hard drive – it makes sense to replace the HDD with an SSD. But it is not recommended to buy budget laptops with SSD for 32 GB, since such “devices” are quickly breaking down.

Battery of laptop

The battery capacity tells you how long your computer can run in stand-alone mode. Powerful laptops are equipped with a large battery, since the power consumption of these laptops is much higher than the “appetites” of budget laptops. However, on an average in an offline mode, a modern laptop is able to hold a charge within 4-5 hours in a gentle mode.  As you know, at high loads, the battery is running down much faster. High screen brightness, launch of games and video playback consumes a lot of resources. Therefore, if you plan to use a computer for these purposes, it is worth choosing a laptop with the most capacious battery.

The battery is a rather delicate part of the laptop, which can lose the ability to hold a charge because of incorrect operation. For example, if the laptop is in a discharged state for a long time, or the battery has been completely removed from the case, the battery life will noticeably decrease.

According to the quality of the battery, the Chinese brand Asus remains the subjective leader. Recently, the company introduced a new technology that extends the battery life. According to the feedbacks from users, the less «hardy» are the batteries installed in Acer and HP laptops.


Most laptops whose cost does not exceed $ 400 are sold without a pre-installed Windows operation system. Why? It’s very simple – the cost of a computer with an installed system is increasing exactly to the price of the operation system in the amount of $ 30 to $ 150. In this case, the pre-installed Windows system will be equipped with various utilities and unnecessary programs that will overload the computer and slow its operation. That’s why it’s much more profitable to buy a computer without the Windows operation system installed on it. Moreover, there will be no problems with the independent installation of the latest version of Windows, since almost all the necessary drivers are built into the distribution of Windows 10, with the installation of which on Windows 7 the beginners had problems.

“Ten” has become a worthy replacement for Windows 7 for functionality. The operating system was created in accordance with the traditions of the Windows family. But most users, considering Windows 7 a more reliable and “easy” system continue to use it.

Buying a laptop without an operating system, keep in mind that many modern laptops at the BIOS level complicate the installation of the Windows system. The choice in favor of Windows 10 will be much easier in installation and modern in terms of the functionality of the operating system. You as a buyer need to decide – either to buy a laptop with a pre-installed system, or to purchase an “empty” computer and install the correct operating system on it and if necessary to avoid the complexities with installation of Windows 7.

Reliability of laptops

laptop1Even if you fuss over your laptop – within 5-7 years it will become morally obsolete and almost useless in solving many problems. What can we say about how much the computer will “live” if it is used in the standard mode with the spilling of drinks on the keyboard and falling on the tough floor. All these risk factors should be taken into account when you choose a reliable laptop. After all, do you want to buy a device that will not be repaired every six months?

An interesting phenomenon – budget simple computers are breaking down less often than expensive powerful models. And it’s all because the high-performance computers are overheating. Discrete video cards are the main risk factor. The intensive release of heat in the process of working with heavy loads can lead to the failure of expensive elements of “hardware”. Therefore, if you buy a powerful laptop – be ready for the fact that you will often have to carry it to the service center. You can solve the problem by buying a cooler stand.

It’s worth saying a few words about purchase of a laptop of unknown or little-known brands. In this case, the user takes the risk to buy an unsuccessful model. The chances of purchasing an inexpensive and durable laptop in this category are very small.

No matter how reliable your computer is, over time its cooling system will be clogged with dust and there are problems with cooling. Long-term operation in the high-temperature mode, most likely will lead to breakdown and subsequent expensive repairs. Therefore, it is very important to clean the laptop in time.

If the computer makes a lot of noise during the operation – then there something’s wrong with cooling system. From time to time the cooler is breaking down both in cheap and expensive models. So the main factor of reliability of your laptop is you.

If you have to carry a computer with you – be sure to buy a convenient laptop bag. Especially this applies to those who carry techniques in public transport. To reduce the negative impact of hits, do not reject a qualitative bag with softening pads.

Every laptop owner must master the basic rules of computer operation, which will help to avoid costly breakdowns. With proper maintenance, the technique will serve you for 7 or more years, outdating only morally, but not physically.

Best laptops 2017

What do you need to know about choosing a laptop? Here there are the main questions that you should pay attention to:

  • Why do you buy a laptop?
  • How do you plan to use it?
  • What are the operating conditions?
  • What programs and games will you run on your laptop?
  • How to find a balance between reliability and attractive design?

We will review the most successful models in different categories, each of which deserves your attention.

Reliable budget netbook

Asus E200HA – a netbook that can easily cope with everyday tasks. It is distinguished by reliability, lightness and thoughtful ergonomics. Minus of model – is a small performance, which does not allow you to play new games.

Asus E200HA

Compact budget laptops

Asus X540LA and Asus X540SA are the best representatives of this market segment. Despite the low performance, these models based on Intel CoreTM i3-5020U/N3700 cope with a variety of tasks. They are reliable and allow you to run simple games. At the same time, the price is affordable, and they are superior in reliability to almost all competitors.

Computers can boast with compact sizes. If you need an inexpensive ultra-book – it makes sense to pay attention to these models.

Asus X540LA ASUS VivoBook X540SA
Asus X540LA Asus X540SA

Large budget laptops

Asus X756UA, Asus X751LAV and HP 17-x000ur are the best options in this market segment. They are quite large “workhorses”, which combine speed and reliability. You can play on them some modern games on minimal settings, which makes it versatile. They are durable and unpretentious in service.

Asus-R753-X756UA1 Asus - X751LAV  HP 17-x000ur
Asus X756UA Asus X751LAV HP 17-x000ur

Optimal laptops

This category includes such models as Asus F556UA, Asus F555LA, Dell i3558-5500 and HP 250 G5. They combine a decent performance and attractive design. They will please the buyer with reliability and convenience in work. It is enough to have their resource to run a number of modern games, work in graphics editors and many other specialized programs.

The models with small SSD can also be placed in this category of the best universal computers in 2017. With a small amount of disk, this computer will please with the high response speed achieved by installing the SSD drive.

ASUS F556UA ASUS F556UA Dell Inspiron i3558 HP 250 G5
Asus F556UA Asus F555LA Dell i3558-5500 HP 250 G5

Stylish laptops

AsusZenBook UX310UA – ultra-book, which combines performance, low noise level and a democratic price. Computer performance allows you to run most programs and games. Choosing a computer from the AsusZenBook UX line, it’s better to take a model with a FullHD-screen, as on a display with a large extension a number of old programs will be displayed unreadable.

ASUS ZenBook UX310UA
AsusZenBook UX310UA

Gaming laptops

The laptop on which you plan to play games must be bought in set with a stand-cooler. Deciding on such a serious and expensive purchase, it will not be superfluous to find out that buying a gaming laptop will cost 1.5-2 times more than a gaming PC with similar parameters. Is it worth it? You will decide it.

15.6″ Nevertheless, the niche of gaming laptops is alive and developing in different price segments too. Among inexpensive game models, it is worth noting the “Chinese dragons” Asus K501UW and Asus X556UQ. The model Asus K501UX will please with more performance. Ultra-power gaming laptops include such models as Asus GL553VD and Asus GL502VM.

Asus K501UW Asus X556UQ Asus K501UX
Asus GL553VD Asus GL502VM
Asus GL553VD Asus GL502VM

These computers have standard dimensions and allow playing modern games. But we will not bypass the big laptops in the 17.3 “format” In order of increasing power in this category, the best models are the Asus GL752VW and Asus GL702VM. They are overheating rarely and big displays make the games more exciting. It is recommended to buy Model Asus GL702VM in set with an SSD-disk, so that a powerful video card and processor would reveal all their potential.

Asus GL752VW Asus GL702VM
Asus GL752VW Asus GL702VM

Laptops – a universal computer technology that combines the performance of a stationary computer and the portability of the tablet. Autonomy and multi-functionality make them the best assistant in the work, and often – a powerful multimedia and gaming center.

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