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How to choose graphics card in 2017

How to choose graphics cardLet’s start to assemble a PC with the choice of graphics card. All the other components will be selected in accordance with the parameters of the graphic adapter. Graphics card provides display complex textures and treats slot geometry. Any picture on the screen of your PC – it is the result of the graphics card.

How to choose the best card for your needs? Should I choose GeForce or Radeon? How much volume enough? What type of graphics card is more suitable? Is there a significant difference between active and passive cooling? Will a resource integrated card be enough for your purposes, or does it makes sense to look for a basic gaming graphics card? In this article you will find answers to many important questions.

Table of Contents

  1. Manufacturer
  2. The type and amount of memory
  3. AMD Radeon or NVidia GeForce?
  4. How to choose a best video card for gaming?
  5. TOP best graphics card for gaming 2017 from Asus


manufacturer video cardPool of the major manufacturers of graphics cards remains unchanged for several years. One of the leading manufacturers of graphics cards includes such brands as Asus, Gigabyte, InnoVision, MSI, Sapphire, Zotac, Palit, PNY, PowerColor. Since each company is testing any model manufactured prior to introduction in the market, the percentage of marriage among these components is minimal. In practice, about 1-3% of cards fail in the warranty period. The expert community among not very reliable producers noted such brands as Asus, Gigabyte and MSI.

Unfortunately, it’s very difficult to detect the engineering flaws in the design of the cards in the first years of operation. After 2 years the card is clogged with dust, and thermal paste loses some of its performance properties. Almost any video card under high stress in such conditions fails. For this reason, it is not easy for the experts to name the most reliable model of the latest releases. However, there are a number of companies whose graphics cards have demonstrated a large margin of safety in the last few years. One of these companies is China Asus.

Experts explain the quality of Asus graphics cards that over the years in this niche the company has managed to fine-tune the design of the graphics adapter, paying special attention to the cooling system. By the way, the Asus cooler is virtually silent, which is the advantage of products of this brand. Considering that overheating is the most common cause of card failure, an elaborate cooling system adds to owners of Asus best gaming graphics card a lot of optimism. Everything you need for a long service life of the adapter – timely cleaning of the radiators.

The type and amount of memory

memory-videoMemory is not always an objective indicator of its performance, which may mislead an inexperienced buyer. The main parameter that affects the performance of your graphics card is the GPU. Memory is an additional element for operational upload of data. A large amount of memory with a low resource chip will not make your computer more productive. At the same time powerful GPU may not reveal its full potential if the memory will not be enough. Practice shows that the memory in 4-6 GB is more than enough to handle complex graphical elements. In practice, users games are enough range to 2-4 GB. Budget graphics card with a storage capacity of 1-2 GB will fully satisfy user queries, far from the latest computer games.

Some games to play videos in Ultra HD require a graphics card with a memory capacity of 6 GB. In this case it is better to purchase an adapter for 6-8 GB. But keep in mind that evaluate the realistic images can only be on the appropriate monitor with a resolution of Ultra HD. Given that the “kit” equipment is available not for every gamer, graphics card 6-8 GB are purchased infrequently.

As regards the type of graphics card, here we must note that this option is only relevant when buying a cheap graphics card for the price under 100 dollars. More expensive models use standard HBM or DDR5. If the choice is between a DDR3 GPU and DDR5 is recommended to choose the second option, as the price of this card is not much higher and the performance gain is quite noticeable. HBM technology today is not as popular as the capabilities of the DDR5 have not been exhausted. The graphics cards on the basis of DDR5 are much cheaper for the same performance of HBM cards.

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At the same time it makes no sense to buy a graphics card with DDR3 type memory. Performance of this adapter will be poor by today’s standards. Also we should ignore budget cards with huge memory of 4 GB. There is no sense in this volume, as a rule, because the adapter is equipped with the weak cheap GPU.

AMD Radeon or NVidia GeForce?

nvidia-vs-amdThe war between two manufacturers of GPUs lasts for decades. The buyers benefit from this, of course, because the stiff competition forces the competing companies to reduce prices and increase the performance of GPUs. It is important to know one thing – the flagship NVidia is always superior to the flagships of AMD. However, the most popular mid-price segment is not so clear. Objective tests say that the graphics of both brands offer approximately the same performance per dollar. There are more successful models; there is clearly a failure of development. Focus is not the manufacturer of the chip, and the ratio of performance and price. Although in recent years there is the trend of improving the competitive position of NVidia GeForce for the performance parameter.

At the moment the most beneficial offers on the market of graphics cards are based on GeForce GTX1060. Also decent performance graphics are demonstrated by cards Radeon RX 470, RX 480, GeForce GTX1070, GTX1050 and GTX1080.

How to choose a best video card for gaming?

videocardThe more powerful the graphics card is, the heavier it will be. High-performance graphics adapters, as a rule, are completed with a large radiator and powerful cooler. Efficient cooling system – the basis of longevity of the video card, since the lion’s share of the damage is associated with overheating.


videocardThe main disadvantage of a powerful graphics card is noisy work. However, in the market of graphics adapters there are available many models with passive cooling. These cards don’t make noise, but they are not recommended. Moreover, they often use GPUs that haven’t passed factory tests for the production of cards with passive cooling. It is obvious that such graphics adapters will give power and reliability. And given the fact that the passive cooling system is not able to maintain a stable temperature at high loads – this graphics card is unlikely to please durability.

videocardIn turn, budget low profile graphics card with active cooling system are equipped with a small cooler, which in the process produces an unpleasant sound. The modest fan blades do not give the desired effect, and such graphics often overheat. That is why it is recommended to buy graphics cards, equipped with a large cooler. These units are significantly quieter in operation.

videocardAs for the overclocked cards of OverClock type that operate at high frequencies, in terms of performance they are not significantly superior to counterparts with a lower frequency. However, the performance of chip, memory and power components to the limit leads to rapid wear of the graphics card. OverClock-adapters are much less that you should consider when buying such hardware. Practice shows that it is much better to work with the new performance chip than with overclocked one. The wear of the components of the overclocked video card occurs much faster, and the reliability of these adapters is extremely low.

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TOP best graphics card for gaming 2017 from Asus

The main criteria of selecting the best video cards are performance, price and durability. We chose the Asus brand as an example, because the market of graphics adapters include hundreds models from tens of brands. In turn, ASUS cards are some of the best in terms of price, reliability and performance. The number of brands has a similar ratio, but we consider only products of Asus.


710-1-SL and 710-1-SL-BRK are two models of inexpensive video cards that can handle most tasks. They are suitable for running games that were introduced 3-5 years ago and for working in graphics applications. Often, these cards are bought as a replacement for the failed card to a second hand computer.

710-1-SL 710-1-SL-BRK
710-1-SL 710-1-SL-BRK


In this category there are such cards as R7250-2GD5, GT730-2GD5-BRK, GT730-SL-2GD3-BRK. Their price is low, but they allow you to play some modern games on low graphics settings.

R7250-2GD5 GT730-2GD5-BRK GT730-SL-2GD3-BRK
R7250-2GD5 GT730-2GD5-BRK GT730-SL-2GD3-BRK

The base game

PH-GTX1050-2G, DUAL-GTX1050-2G, GeForce GTX 1050 Ti (read review here), STRIX-RX460 (read review here) – budget gaming graphics card, which will be enough to run the latest games at medium graphics settings. In some games, these graphics cards will cope with the maximum graphics settings.

PH-GTX1050-2G DUAL-GTX1050-2G GeForce GTX 1050 Ti STRIX-RX460
PH-GTX1050-2G DUAL-GTX1050-2G GeForce GTX 1050 Ti STRIX-RX460

Universal game

DUAL-GTX1060-O3G, STRIX-GTX-1060 (read review here), STRIX-RX470-4G-GAMING (read review here) and GeForce GTX 1060 GAMING X 3G are suitable for medium-performance gaming station. These adapters were designed on the basis of the chip GTX1060. And also ASUS ROG STRIX-RX480-O8G-GAMING (read review here).


Powerful gaming

DUAL-GTX1070-8G (read review here) is a great choice for a powerful gaming station. This card can easily cope with almost all modern games at maximum graphics settings. In this category you can add a more powerful graphics card Strix-GTX-1070.

DUAL-GTX1070-8G Strix-GTX-1070
DUAL-GTX1070-8G Strix-GTX-1070

Super games

STRIX-GTX1080-8G-GAMING will not only cope with modern games, but still be online for the next couple of years, during which it will be included in the TOP most powerful graphics cards.


The most powerful

GIGABYTE GV-N1080XTREME W-8GD is a OverClock-adapter that has a great balance of price, reliability and performance. However, the fact that the card is overclocked makes it not durable.


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